Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry provides a precise, non-invasive treatment that minimizes discomfort and sensitivity while speeding healing time.

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Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry in Austin & Cibolo, TX

While traditional oral surgery methods produce excellent results, more and more dentists are upgrading to laser-based treatments that can further guarantee successful outcomes.  At Peak Dental, our dental team practices laser dentistry for patients in need of extensive treatment. With extensive training in laser dentistry, Peak dental has established itself as a top provider of laser dentistry in Austin and surrounding communities.  The combination of years of laser dentistry experience along with the most advanced equipment enable our team to use this virtually painless, More Natural Dentistry to provide patients with more comfortable and cost effective treatments than the traditional dentist.   Whether you have tooth decay or would like to improve your appearance with a gum lengthening procedure, our dental lasers will leave you with a smile that is both healthier and more beautiful.

Advanced Technology, Great Results

Peak Dental utilizes dental lasers to perform a variety of procedures. This technology allows us to carefully etch away problematic tissues and decay. The following treatments are enhanced by this innovative equipment:

Dental lasers improve patient comfort during these procedures, which is why anesthesia is usually not needed for these treatments. Many have reported that recovery times were quicker and less painful as well. Lasers minimize infection risks because they sterilize the treated tissue and do not require sutures. The high-energy beams also reduce bleeding by aiding the clotting process.

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At Peak Dental, our highly-trained staff always keep the comfort of their patients in mind. Advanced dental lasers allow us to perform procedures in a safe and precise manner, whether you need cavities removed or gum disease resolved. Call our office for your laser dentistry appointment in Austin today!

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