If you are suspecting you may need to get a root canal, contact us to book an appointment right away.

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Endodontics in Austin, TX

For endodontics in Katy, TX, visit our dentist near you.Our experienced dentist will be happy to consult with you on whether or not you need a root canal. Endodontics is a specialized dentistry practice that not all dentists are qualified to perform. Root canals are the main specialty of an endodontist practitioner. Extreme tooth pain often requires a root canal, which our specialists are equipped to perform.

What is an Endodontist

Our endodontist near you is a specialized dentist who is trained in how to diagnose when a root canal is necessary and carry out the procedure. It takes a specialized skill set and tools to perform a successful root canal procedure, and our Katy dentist is here to help.

The main goal of an endodontist is to help the patient manage the pain that comes with their condition. It is often an endodontist who is called upon for an emergency dental appointment when the pain from the toothache becomes too severe. Once the toothache begins to affect the root of the tooth, the sensitive nerves react, causing the patient to have unbearable pain.

Root Canals in Austin, TX 

If you currently have a toothache and are searching for a root canal near you, then we can help. Our dentist has specialized training in how to perform the root canal procedure. A lot of people can tell they are in for a root canal based on the level of pain from the toothache, but the only way you can know for sure is to book an appointment to be examined by a qualified dentist.

In our dental clinic, you will find that we have a team of friendly and experienced staff. We use the latest technology to make your experience as quick and comfortable as possible. If you are nervous about the root canal treatment, you can rest assured that our team will walk you through the procedure and provide you with options and education to get you ready for the procedure. Peak Dental Texas is one of the few dental clinics in Austin,TX, that has an experienced endodontics specialist on staff.

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