Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges can be used to support crowns or dental implants to replace one or more missing teeth.

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Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges in Austin & Cibolo, TX

Bridges are a fixed dental appliance that is a great solution for patients with missing teeth. It is important to note that there are several kinds of bridges and in order to pick the best one, you and Dr. Zizi and Dr. Mimi, will discuss the best option for your needs and circumstances.

The conventional bridge is usually made of porcelain and fused to metal. This type of bridge consists of two crowns that go over to anchoring teeth and are attached to artificial teeth, filling the gap created by one missing tooth or a consecutive set of missing teeth.

Dental bridges can last many years; they’re highly durable. However, over time they may need replacement or adjustments due to normal wear based on your lifestyle.

Reasons Why Fixed Bridges are Best Insights from the Dentist in Austin & Cibolo

If you suffer from any of the following problems, you may want to consult the doctor about getting a fixed bridge:

  • Maintaining facial shape
  • Fill space of missing teeth
  • Enhancing or restoring your smile
  • Enhancing chewing and speaking abilities
  • Prevent the shifting of teeth due to unfilled space

Process for Dental Bridges Near You

Dental bridges will typically require two or more visits to our office. To begin the teeth are numbed, and the two anchoring teeth are prepared by removing a portion of the enamel, only a slight buffing of the tooth surface. Next, an accurate impression is made of the dental sites and is sent to a dental laboratory where the bridges will be made.

At your second visit, the permanent bridge is then checked, adjusted, and cemented into your jaw in order to achieve a good fit. In order to get used to the bridge, time will have to pass, and once the desired fit is achieved, then the bridge will be permanently cemented into the mouth.

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