Cavities and Fillings

Cavities and Fillings

Fillings are a straightforward treatment that can help you achieve a healthy, cavity-free smile.

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Cavities and Fillings

Have a cavity? No worries.

I’ve been told I have a cavity, where did it come from, what do I do? When food and bacteria sit on our teeth they can cause decay (a cavity) by constantly bathing the tooth in acid! Teeth that have been infected with small to moderate sized cavities can be sealed with tooth colored fillings, also called resin composites, to stop the decay from getting bigger.

Fillings are made from a strong material called a resin and come in different shades to match your teeth. First the cavity is removed from the tooth, the tooth is cleaned and prepared for the filling, the tooth colored filling is placed and then hardened with a specially designed blue light. The filling is smoothed and polished for that natural smooth feel. Throughout this process, we use local anesthetic to ensure your comfort!

Not only can tooth colored fillings be used to seal cavities, they can also repair some small imperfections, cracks, and minor damage caused by wear and stress.

Here at Peak Dental, fillings are a simple solution by our expert dentists to help you achieve that natural, healthy, cavity free smile. If you have any residual anxiety, please talk to your Peak Dental Dentist about your options for sedation!

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