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Why Do Dental Crowns Need Replacements?

February 21, 2023
Dental crowns are excellent long-term restorations for chipped, cracked, damaged, and decayed teeth. They are a standard dental procedure routinely performed by the dentist near me in the country. Dental crowns are incredibly durable and stay in your mouth for 5 to 15 years, depending on the material you select for the crown. After that, dental crowns need replacements because they don’t represent a permanent solution for your damaged tooth.

Why do Dental Clowns Need Replacements?

Occasionally there are a few reasons why a dental crown needs replacement. However, the primary reason for needing a substitute is wear and tear. A damaged dental crown is no different from your broken tooth. If left untreated, you can expect the crowning glory on your tooth to cause more complicated dental issues making you vulnerable to receiving additional and expensive treatments. Broken or damaged crowns also make the underlying natural tooth vulnerable to attacks by bacteria to defeat the purpose of protecting your tooth.

Besides damaged dental crowns, other reasons also exist to indicate the restoration needs replacement. For example, one common cause for needing replacements of dental crowns is receding gums. If you are affected by gum disease, and your gums start receding, the crown needs replacement or adjustments to ensure it fits correctly.

Do Dental Crowns Make Yellow Teeth White?

Dental crowns help treat various defects with your teeth to strengthen the tooth to restore functionality and appearance. However, these restorations also help cover discolored teeth from infections or injuries in cosmetic treatments.

If your tooth appears yellow because of infection or any other reason, you can request the South Austin dentist to provide an aesthetic restoration over your tooth to restore its appearance to your natural teeth.

The South Austin dentist will likely recommend a porcelain crown for your discolored tooth matching its color to your remaining natural teeth, making it indistinguishable in your mouth to make your yellow tooth appear white. However, you must endure the dental crown procedure that requires reshaping your tooth by removing tooth structure past the dentin and waiting three weeks for the dental laboratory to custom-create your restoration. However, if you are willing to spend the time and money, you can whiten your yellow teeth with dental crowns.

How Can a Dental Crown Help Your Teeth?

When you favor a dental crown to protect a damaged or decayed tooth, you accept the proposal of the dentist in South Austin, TX, to have a durable restoration on your weakened tooth to protect it from external forces.

For example, if your tooth has suffered severe damage from decay or injuries, South Austin family dental suggests you have the tooth covered with a dental crown for protection from external damage. The crown encases your tooth entirely after the dentist removes the tooth structure to accommodate the restoration over it. The procedure is painful but is beneficial to save your natural tooth from additional damage and require extraction later.

Dental crown help preserve your natural tooth, although shaving and reshaping might reduce the tooth to the size of a stub. The dental laboratory creates your dental crown after they receive impressions of your tooth and mouth using the material you select and return it to the South Austin dentist for placement in your mouth.

When you revisit the dentist to receive your restoration, the dentist completes the treatment quickly by bonding the permanent dental crown over your tooth using special dental cement. The dental crown serves you appropriately if you care for your mouth and the restoration, ensuring that you don’t damage it by neglecting dental hygiene and allowing dental plaque to accumulate around your natural teeth and the dental restoration. Dental plaque can get beneath the crown to infect the underlying natural tooth, making you need replacements if it gets infected by tooth decay. Similarly, if you are affected by bruxism, causing you to grind and clench your teeth, you might damage your porcelain or ceramic crown and need replacements. In addition, harmful mouth-related habits also damage dental crowns faster to make replacements essential before their regular lifespan.

If you want to extend the longevity of the repairs on your tooth, you must maintain excellent dental hygiene and get six monthly dental cleanings besides refraining from detrimental mouth-related habits and investing in safeguards for bruxism that damage your teeth and dental restorations. However, if you care for your tooth repairs appropriately, you can expect it to last for over 15 years providing your tooth the strength and appearance it needs to function correctly.

Peak Dental — South Austin provides different dental crowns to patients advising them on the care the restoration needs after placement. Dental crowns are durable but not invincible and can sustain damage over time. The providers offer suggestions on maintaining the crown to ensure you extend its longevity as best as possible. Therefore if you need protection over a damaged tooth, kindly consult this practice to fix your tooth.

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