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When Do Dental Bridges Need Replacements?

May 16, 2022
Dental bridges are excellent replacements for missing teeth, helping restore your mouth's functionality and your smile. Unfortunately, Bridges are not permanent replacements and are susceptible to weakening or damages from wear or infections around the restoration.
When Do Dental Bridges Need Replacements?

While there are no set limits on when a dental bridge needs replacement, the restoration can last for seven to 15 years or more if you care for the bridge appropriately, maintain excellent dental hygiene practices, and get dental checkups and cleanings every six months.

Understanding Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are tooth replacement solutions secured on one or more natural teeth adjacent to the missing tooth gap. Two natural teeth help support the dental bridge with dental crowns bonded on them and a Pontic in between to function as the missing tooth.

When getting dental bridges in Pflugerville, TX, you typically schedule two appointments with a dental professional for preparing the neighboring teeth for the dental crowns that function as abutments. The tooth preparation procedure is uncomfortable, but you receive local anesthesia to ensure you experience no discomfort. After preparing your teeth, your dentist impressions them to have your dental crowns and the dental bridge customized from a dental laboratory. Meanwhile, you receive temporary bridges as an interim solution for your missing tooth.

You must endure the temporary bridges for about three weeks which is the time needed by dental laboratories to create your restoration. After three weeks, you revisit the dentist in 78660 to have your permanent bridges replace the temporary solution.

After getting dental bridges as replacements for your missing teeth, it is essential that you care for the restoration like your natural teeth. You must practice good oral hygiene and visit your dentist for six-monthly dental exams and cleanings. The practices can significantly extend the lifespan of the dental bridge.

When you receive tooth replacement solutions like dental bridges, dentists provide after-care instructions that you must follow diligently. Failure to adhere to your dentist’s instructions damages the dental bridge even when maintaining proper dental hygiene. Therefore you must exercise caution when having tooth replacement solutions for missing natural teeth.

How Long Do Dental Bridges Last?

As mentioned earlier, dental bridges have a lifespan of seven to 15 years. However, when cared for appropriately, you can extend their lifespan to over two decades. To succeed in your goal to make dental bridges last longer besides maintaining proper dental hygiene and visiting dentists every six months, you must also incorporate the following tips into your everyday activities.

You must exercise caution when biting down on hard foods with your dental bridges. Porcelain helps make your dental crowns and the Pontic. The material is susceptible to cracking and chipping, which may require you to replace the restoration sooner than expected.

Ensuring that you don’t develop tooth decay or gum disease is essential to maintaining your dental bridge in prime condition. While the dental crowns don’t attract decay, the supporting teeth beneath the crown are natural and become affected if you allow plaque buildup to develop around them. Weakening of the supporting teeth because of tooth decay will require you to seek replacements from the dentist in Pflugerville, TX, all over again.

Please do not assume the Pontic will remain unaffected when you allow plaque buildup to accumulate around it. You must invest in floss threaders or interdental flossers to clean beneath the Pontic and prevent gum disease from developing.

Getting dental exams frequently is an optimal technique to ensure you are not affected by any dental infections that might compromise your dental bridges and require replacements. Dental bridges are not the most affordable tooth replacement solutions because they need at least three dental crowns costing $ 800 apiece or more besides multiple dental appointments. After investing considerably in your mouth’s functionality and smile, does it make sense for you to neglect caring for your dental restorations? We are confident you will think twice before indulging in any activity that might damage your dental bridge.

If you care for your dental bridge as suggested by your dentist, you might find yourself fortunate enough to have the restoration longer than expected. However, if you neglect dental bridge care, you might need faster replacements that set you back financially.

If you consider dental bridges as missing teeth replacements, please schedule an appointment with Peak Dental — Pflugerville to provide these restorations with instructions to care for them and extend their lifespan.

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