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What You Need to Know About Pediatric Dentistry

August 5, 2021
Most parents know the importance of taking their young children to the dentist. Unfortunately, only a percentage of them do that and the problem is often because they don’t know where to go. While having a family dentist is commendable if you have children you need to take them to a pediatric dentist near you.

What is Pediatric Dentistry?

Pediatric dentistry in Pflugerville is a branch that primarily deals with children from infancy through to young adulthood. Working with a pediatric dentist is great because your children will not have to change dentists until they turn 21.

How Does Pediatric Dentist Differ from General Ones?

All dentists go through basic undergraduate dental education. However, after the studies, pediatric dentists go through two-year post-training where they learn about the dental needs of children. They also study the behavioral and psychological needs of children. This enables them to handle children of all personalities professionally.

Another advantage of working with a pediatric dentist in Pflugerville is the environment. Our pediatric dental clinic is designed to keep the children calm and relaxed before and during the procedure.

What Kind of Procedures Are Included?

We offer comprehensive pediatric dental procedures that help to maintain your child’s dental health. Some of the procedure include:

  1. Preventive dental procedures

Our primary goal is to prevent most dental problems and preserve their oral health.

  • Dental exams and cleaning help the dentist to detect dental problems and also remove accumulated plaques.
  • Fluoride treatment helps to strengthen the teeth and prevent decay
  • Dental sealants are recommended for school-going children because they are more at risk of developing cavities. For younger children with primary teeth, our dentist in 78660 may use pediatric dental crowns instead.
  1. Restorative dental procedures

While we aim to prevent teeth loss, your child may lose their teeth after a fall or accident. The dentist may recommend space maintainers that preserve the jaws after the teeth are extracted. These devices also help to prevent permanent teeth from coming out crowded or crooked.

  1. Sedation

Dental sedation helps to keep the children calm during any dental procedure. Inhaled sedation or laughing gas is often used in children because it takes effect quickly and wears out as fast. Local anesthesia and oral sedation can be used based on the child’s age.

  1. Emergency dentistry

Dental accidents can occur at any time causing the teeth to come out or soft tissue injuries, and having access to an emergency dentist in 78660 will prevent further complications.

Why Is It Important to Have a Pediatric Dentist?

Working with a pediatric dentist in 78660 offers great benefits such as:

  • They introduce the children to good oral practices

Good oral practices are important for both children and adults, and that is why the kids need to learn about proper brushing techniques to keep their gums and teeth clean. Our pediatric dentist will teach the kids how to brush effectively and practices that will set them up for dental success later.

  • They share information and education

Dental education is part of the dental care your child’s dental care. The dentist will share useful information about developmental milestones and teething. Proper nutrition and eating teeth-friendly foods are also discussed.

What Happens During the First Pediatric Dental Appointment?

The first dental consultation should be scheduled when the first tooth comes out or before they turn one. This visit is short and will last between 30 to 45 minutes. During this visit, the dentist will examine the gums and teeth for any abnormalities. He will also clean the gums with a soft, wet towel to remove plaque buildup.

It is advisable to schedule a dental appointment when the child is well-fed, rested, and dry to prevent any fussiness.

How Often Should You Visit Kids’ Dental Clinic?

It is advisable to visit a children’s dentist every six months or as advised by the dentist. This visit involves routine checkups and cleanings to remove plaques.

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