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What Is the Most Effective Option to Whiten Your Teeth?

August 22, 2022

You may be longing for a whiter smile but do not know how to achieve it. Besides, the stories you have heard of teeth whitening gone wrong may deter you from getting a beautiful smile. But, do not despair because it is possible to brighten your smile safely. Read to learn about teeth whitening methods, including professional teeth whitening in South Austin, TX.

What Is the Most Effective Option to Whiten Your Teeth?

What Are the Different Methods of Whitening Teeth?

The first step to achieving a beautiful white smile is learning about different teeth whitening options. They include:

  • Professional teeth whitening

This is teeth whitening done by a dentist near you in a dental office setting. It involves whitening through various methods such as Zoom® and laser teeth whitening. The dentist combines the whitening technique with a deep dental cleaning for better results.

Professional teeth whitening is effective, safe, and has immediate, long-lasting results. The expert helps lift off stains from teeth, leaving them several shades whiter. In addition, they may customize whitening kits for use at home.

  • Trays and gels

Whitening trays and gels are one of the more effective whitening methods. They consist of a dental tray that fits over the teeth and a hydrogen peroxide whitening gel. When using them, apply the gel to the inner surface of the tray and then put it over your teeth. You need to wear it per the product’s instructions to achieve desired results.

Whitening trays and gels may be obtained over the counter or from your dentist. Those bought from a store may be inexpensive but less effective than dentists get. In addition, they do not fit well over teeth since they are one-size-fits-all. Finally, they may allow the gel to spill over to the gums, causing irritation and sensitivity.

If you want effective results with whitening trays and gels, get them from the dentist in South Austin, TX. The expert will customize your dental trays to fit perfectly over your teeth. It prevents the gel from coming into contact with your gums. In addition, the dentist will provide hydrogen peroxide with a higher concentration. It helps you achieve amazing results faster.

  • Toothpaste

These are special brands of toothpaste used to remove surface stains on teeth. They contain mild abrasives, polishing agents, and bleaching agents. They work against stains leaving teeth whiter. It takes weeks to attain whiter teeth when using whitening toothpaste.

  • Strips

Teeth whitening strips can be easily obtained over the counter and are cost-effective. They whiten your teeth depending on their hydrogen peroxide concentration. When you use them as directed, you will notice changes in the color of your teeth after a week. However, the effects are not durable; making whitening strips a short-term solution.

  • Natural whiteners

These are natural teeth whiteners that are mostly found in the kitchen. They include baking soda, apple cider vinegar, strawberries, hydrogen peroxide, and charcoal. These whiteners are easy to obtain and inexpensive, but they are not very effective. Although you will notice some changes when using them, they may do more harm than good.

Which Method Is the Most Effective?

The most effective teeth whitening method is professional teeth whitening. A dentist is trained to whiten your teeth to achieve natural-looking results. In addition, they have equipment such as Zoom lamps and laser to accelerate the whitening process. A dentist also has access to a higher percentage concentration of peroxide. All these work to give you amazing results in an hour.

Professional teeth whitening in South Austin, TX, transform teeth with deep and surface stains. Their in-office whitening systems lift the most stubborn stains off teeth. In addition, they brighten teeth up to two to eight shades lighter.

They will cover the stains with dental restorations if the stains are permanent. The expert may use tooth-colored crowns, veneers, or composite bonding. These are customized to match the other teeth in color, giving you a perfect smile.

The dentist is equipped to protect your teeth and gums from bleaching chemicals. Therefore, you will not experience side effects such as sensitivity and irritation. In addition, the results from professional teeth whitening can last up to five years. Contact us at Peak Dental-South Austin for the most effective whitening option.

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