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Urgent Dental Care: Why You Need it and How to Find the Right Provider

September 1, 2022

Understanding the difference between urgent and nonurgent dental emergencies helps save your tooth. For example, if you need treatment for a knockout tooth, you must seek urgent care from the dentist in Austin on the same day, irrespective of whether the accident occurred during or beyond office hours. Therefore if you need urgent dental care, you must call the dentist immediately to preserve your tooth.

Urgent Dental Care: Why You Need it and How to Find the Right Provider

Not all dental issues are emergencies, and some problems can wait to receive treatment during regular business hours. Examples include a lost porcelain crown that can receive treatment during office hours. However, if you call an emergency dentist nearby, they can provide information on how to protect your teeth and gums while you wait until the daytime to receive the care you need.

This post explains the difference between urgent and nonurgent dental emergencies to help you understand when you must seek treatment for discomfort and pain from the emergency dentist in Austin, TX, for an appointment to see you.

Why Is Urgent Care Essential?

Urgent care might become essential when you have severe dental pain and lacerations on your cheeks, gums, or tongue. When you call the office of the emergency dentist, they can arrange an appointment for you for urgent dental care near me as soon as possible.

How to Find the Right Provider for Urgent Care?

Finding the right dental care provider beyond office hours might seem daunting to everyone. However, is it challenging to find suitable urgent dental care providers in your locality? Knowing the differences between critical and nonurgent dental emergencies and having access to the Internet like everyone else searching for urgent care near me by browsing is the only effort you have to make to find a suitable provider to help you manage your situation.

On the other hand, if you have dental insurance, your providers give you a list of in-network dentists offering treatments to patients walking into their clinics with or without appointments. Glancing at your insurance paperwork will help you locate an urgent care provider in your locality to find relief from the discomfort you experience.

When Do You Need Urgent Care?

You might require urgent care if you develop a severe toothache, dental abscess, a broken tooth with a large piece missing, knocked out tooth, or a loose tooth. Whether the dental trauma occurs during or beyond office hours, your first call should be to the emergency dentist nearby for instructions on how you can reach the dentist if you confront a dental emergency.

You might reach an answering machine beyond office hours, but you can rest assured you will receive appropriate instructions on contacting the dentist to ensure prompt treatment to make it less likely for you to require expensive dental restorations later.

Situations Needing Urgent Dental Care

Toothaches: Tooth pain often results from food trapped between your teeth. Flossing can help relieve mild discomfort with your tooth. You can swish your mouth before with warm water and schedule an appointment with the Austin dentist if the pain doesn’t subside. Suppose you have a cavity; the dentist can restore it with fillings or crowns. The earlier you act in such situations, the better you will receive non-invasive treatment.

Dental Abscess: do not try popping the tiny pimple you notice near the roots of your tooth if you have a dental abscess. Instead, call the emergency dentist to ensure they safely drain the abscess and suggest remedies like root canals or extractions. Expect to receive antibiotics and pain relievers to manage the discomfort you experience from the infection.

Broken or Chipped Tooth: You can chip or break your teeth at odd hours of the day, and the damage might require urgent care, especially if you experience severe pain. While you can use a cold compress to alleviate swelling, do not consider putting powdered aspirin on the tooth because it can damage your gums and tooth enamel.

Occasionally, you might notice a lost filling, minor chips, and cracks in your tooth, or a dull toothache. Although the situation doesn’t seem like a dental emergency, you must consider seeking treatment at the earliest to alleviate even mild pain and prevent the problem from aggravating.

Seeking dental treatment early, regardless of the issue, helps alleviate pain and significant financial expenditure because you don’t allow the condition to get out of hand and receive prompt treatment.

Peak Dental — North Austin provides urgent and nonurgent dental care to all patients during and after business hours. Please do not hesitate to contact this practice for any dental issue you may develop for the assistance you need.

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