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Treating Crooked Teeth Using Invisalign

February 10, 2021
Crooked or misaligned teeth can affect your bite and smile. Sometimes if you have misaligned teeth, you might experience discomfort when chewing. Therefore, you might not enjoy your favorite foods.

However, you don’t have to suffer the agony of crooked teeth anymore. With orthodontic treatments, you can get your teeth moved to the desired position. When you are choosing an orthodontic treatment, your dentist will consider your concerns, such as comfort and aesthetics. Also, the severity of the teeth misalignment might affect your choice of orthodontic treatment.

If you prefer an orthodontic treatment that is virtually invisible and comfortable, you can consider Invisalign.

What Does Invisalign Treatments Entail?

Invisalign is a modern orthodontic treatment that utilizes aligners that resemble teeth whitening trays to move your teeth. The Invisalign braces move your teeth gradually to the desired position. However, the treatment timeline depends on the severity of the crookedness and how you adhere to the dentists instructions.

What to Expect When Getting Invisalign Clear Braces

Before choosing Invisalign to move your teeth, you can consult your dentist. Your dentist will examine your teeth and listen to your concerns before you agree to the treatment plan.

When you choose invisible aligners, the dentist will begin by taking impressions of your teeth and make models of how your teeth will move towards the desired position. The dentist will then send the dental impressions to the Invisalign® labs to create your invisible aligners.

The invisible aligners might take two or three weeks to arrive from the lab. Once your clear aligners arrive from the Invisalignlabs, your dentist will schedule the next appointment. During the dental appointment, your dentist will give you a couple of sets of invisible aligners.

Your dentist will help you place your invisible aligners and give you instructions on how to remove and place them back. The dentist might recommend you wear your clear aligners for hours a day for at least two weeks.

Unlike conventional braces, you don’t have to go to the dental clinic to adjust the metal brackets. However, your dentist might recommend follow-up appointments to check the progress of your treatment. During the follow-up appointments, your dentist will give new clear aligners to move the teeth for the next eight weeks.

Invisalign Treatment Timeline

When you choose Invisalign to move crooked teeth, the time taken to the desired position depends on how severely crooked your teeth are. Therefore, it might take more than 18 months or less.

taking care of Your Invisalign Braces

Your clear aligners are subject to damage. Therefore, you can consider the following care tips to make the invisible aligners remain in shape:

  1. Rinse your mouth after eating before placing the aligners back
  2. Use a small toothbrush to clean your invisible aligners on regular braces, avoiding stains
  3. Rinse your teeth aligners before putting them back in place
  4. Avoid smoking or using any tobacco products when wearing your clear aligners
  5. Don’t subject your dental aligners to heat since they are made of plastic material
  6. When cleaning your clear aligners, avoid using scented or colored gels

With the above care tips, your invisible aligners will remain aesthetic and prevent infections caused by plaque deposits. With removable teeth braces, you can practice your oral hygiene routine since the invisible aligners are removable.

Benefits of Invisalign When Moving Your Teeth

By choosing Invisalign to move misaligned teeth, you get to enjoy the following benefits:


Since invisible aligners are removable, you don’t have food sticking in between your teeth braces. Therefore, you can enjoy all your favorite foods.

Oral Health

When you are wearing conventional dental braces, oral hygiene might be a challenge. Food particles might stick between the metal braces, making it difficult to remove them. However, you can remove your clear aligners when brushing your teeth to prevent dental problems.

Saves Time

When you have invisible braces, you don’t have to make regular trips for adjustments. Therefore, you get to save time spent at the dental clinic for adjustments.

Dental Clinic Near You

Do you have crooked teeth and looking for invisible aligners to correct the dental problem. If so, you can contact our dentist at peak Dental for consultation and treatment. Our dentist has years of experience offering professional dental care. Therefore, you can anticipate quality dental care services.

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