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The Impact of Deep Dental Cleaning Treatment on Oral Health

May 3, 2023
Maintaining good oral hygiene and health is essential for optimal overall health and well-being. While regular brushing, flossing, and professional checkups are excellent ways to maintain a healthier mouth, sometimes you may need additional treatments like deep cleaning, especially if you have gum disease.
The Impact of Deep Dental Cleaning Treatment on Oral Health

Deep cleaning, or dental scaling and root planing, is a dental procedure that involves removing bacterial plaque and tartar from your teeth and above and below the gums. Read on to learn more about deep cleaning and its impact on oral health.

What Does a Dental Deep Cleaning Include?

Deep cleaning comprises two procedures: Dental scaling and root planing. Based on the severity of your condition, the dentist can perform both procedures on a single appointment. Since the procedure can cause significant discomfort or pain, you’ll be numbed to make it more comfortable and painless.

During dental scaling, the dentist or hygienist uses a special scaler tool, which can be manual or ultrasonic, to scrap off plaque and tartar on teeth surfaces just below the gum line. An ultrasonic scaler uses high-frequency vibrations and high-pressure water to break down and wash away the debris. It’s, therefore, more effective than manual scaling.

Once dental scaling is complete, the dentist or hygienist cleans and smoothens any rough areas on the teeth’ roots, also known as root planing. It makes it difficult for plaque or bacteria to attach to the roots, potentially leading to tooth decay and gum disease. After root planing, the dentist can apply or inject an antimicrobial agent into the gums to prevent bacteria from recolonizing.

After the procedure, you might feel minor discomfort or soreness once the anesthetic wears off. Ensure you take any medication as prescribed and follow your dentist’s instructions strictly to promote faster healing and prevent infections. Visit our office for deep cleaning in Austin, TX.

How Long Does A Deep Cleaning Take?

How long deep cleaning lasts depends on various factors, like the severity of your gum disease and the extent of plaque and tartar buildup. A deep cleaning procedure takes 45 minutes to one hour per mouth quadrant. You can complete the procedure in multiple appointments if you have severe gum disease or plaque build-up. Excellent daily oral hygiene and care can help minimize plaque and tartar buildup in the mouth, making deep cleaning quicker and less uncomfortable.

The Impact of Deep Dental Cleaning Treatment on Oral Health

Below are the key benefits of a deep cleaning procedure:

  • Prevents or treats gum disease

Deep cleaning is highly effective in preventing and treating gum disease and gum disease. Gum disease or periodontal disease is the infection and inflammation of the gum tissue, which is often caused by poor dental hygiene and habits.
Depending on the stage of gum disease, it can cause mild to severe symptoms like gum redness, soreness, bleeding, swelling, and recession. It can also lead to loose teeth, tooth loss, and bone loss. A deep cleaning helps remove bacterial deposits that cause gum disease, helping you maintain healthy gums.

  • Prevent tooth decay

Uncleaned plaque and tartar buildup in the mouth can release harmful toxins that erode your teeth enamel, causing sensitivity, decay, cavities, and tooth loss. Deep cleaning removes these bacterial deposits, protecting your teeth from erosion and decay.

  • Reduces or cures bad breath

Persistent bad breath or halitosis is often caused by gum disease or bacterial buildups in the mouth. Deep cleaning can help remove these buildups, giving you fresher breath.

  • Promotes oral health

A deep cleaning helps remove bacterial buildups in the mouth, treating gum disease and reducing your risk of cavities, tooth loss, stains, and bone loss. It gives you a healthier mouth and prevents the need for more invasive and costly treatments in the future.

  • Promotes overall well-being

Additionally, deep cleaning helps promote overall well-being. Research has linked poor oral health to serious health complications like stroke, heart disease, and diabetes. Unfortunately, these problems can also affect your mouth, leading to more oral issues. That said, good overall health can help maintain a healthier mouth.

  • Brighter smile

Removing bacterial deposits on teeth can also improve the appearance of your teeth, giving you a brighter and healthier smile.

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