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Protect Your Molars And Premolars By Covering Them With Tooth Sealants.

July 12, 2021

The permanent back tends to accumulated food particles and debris. It can lead to the invitation of bacterial microorganisms and finally periodontal diseases. You should try to prevent the bacteria from building up in the teeth. The use of dental sealants is a mechanism that fills up space on the teeth. This method of preventing infections has been in existence for some time now. It is suitable for both children and adults. However, dentists recommend it for children most of the time. Fluoride treatments, brushing and flossing can also prevent tooth decay. But this method is a more effective means. The dental office in North Austin has medical personnel with dental expertise in the shielding of teeth occlusal surfaces with sealants.

Protect Your Molars And Premolars By Covering Them With Tooth Sealants.

Molar and premolars have deep crevices on their chewing surfaces. The dentists at North Austin, TX use sealants to fill them up. But how do these dental sealants look? Tooth sealants are plastic coatings that aid in covering the deep grooves on the permanent back teeth. Children are the best candidates for this preventive dental procedure. It is because they are at that stage of life when their teeth are vulnerable to attack from cavities. Babies who have not developed their permanent teeth can also benefit from this treatment. It helps them to have a healthy dental structure later in life. Adults who do not have tooth decay or fillings can use sealants as well. This article talks about the procedure, benefits, and every other fact you need to know about tooth sealants. Enjoy as you read further.

Procedures Carried Out When Applying Sealants On the Back Teeth.

The process of painting the teeth with a coating material does not need the use of local anesthesia. Dental sealants in Austin get applied to the teeth in a short period. Your dentists carry out these procedures to place the sealant on your teeth:

The doctor cleans every nook and cranny of the teeth to get rid of hidden particles and debris. They allow the teeth to get dry before applying an acidic substance on them. This substance makes the teeth coarse and increases the rate of attachment of the dental sealant.

The dentist then paints the molars and premolars with the plastic coating material. One can use the tooth again after the coating has solidified using a special ultraviolet light.

Some people prefer using a kind of dental sealant that can harden on its own. It’s a two-component sealant. They aim to avoid exposure to rays.

Dentists around you can offer this preventive treatment at any point in time. It is a simple procedure. People ask if the process expenses get paid by insurance. Most insurance only caters to the sealant treatment of children. Adults are to pay for their dental treatment themselves.

Some other preventive treatments also help in protecting the teeth from decay or damage. These include regular dental cleaning and examinations. Tooth fillings function when there is a cavity already.

The dental office in North Austin provides an array of dental procedures you could choose from. Visit us today, and get the best treatment available.

How Can You Care For Your Teeth And Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants can be durable for as long as ten years. Just make sure you maintain dental hygiene and see your doctor when needed. Once the bonds start chipping or cracking, it is a dental emergency. Make plans to see your doctor immediately.

Which dental hygiene measures can one practice? These include:

Brushing at least twice a day and flossing daily.

Treat the dentition with fluoride or use fluoride toothpaste. It strengthens the teeth and fights off bacteria.

Avoid sugary and sticky foods. These are detrimental to your oral health and the longevity of the dental sealant.

Call your dental specialist once you discover you have a problem with the coating material.

Have a beautiful smile and get ready to flaunt it.

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