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Preparation for Oral Cosmetic Surgery

February 19, 2021
When many people think of surgery, what comes into their minds is a long and complicated process. Some have anxieties in fear that the process will be painful and overly invasive. If you have not had oral surgery before, take it from us that it's an absolutely comfortable procedure.
Preparation for Oral Cosmetic Surgery

Peak Dental office offers many cosmetic dental services for its patients. We realize that your smile is the first thing that people notice about you. Using our long list of many dental procedures, we can quickly transform your smile into the desired curve you need.

Having minor cosmetic flaws like chipped, broken,cracked, and poorly shaped teeth can make you not show off your smile.

If your teeth’ appearance is extensively altered by tooth decay, oral surgery might be inevitable. When it happens, the Dentist in South Austin will schedule an appointment with you to remove the decay.

In other cases, a root canal procedure may be inevitable. In this case, there are a few things you need to do before the appointment day. This ensures your treatment procedure goes on well as planned and promotes quick recovery after the treatment. Below are the tips:

How to Prepare for an Oral Cosmetic Surgery

The following tips can help you make the most out of your oral surgery procedure:

Stay Informed

Oral surgery can be used to address many issues of the mouth, including the jaw and gums. However, in most cases, oral surgery is recommended for a tooth extraction. You can also get an oral surgery appointment when a root canal cannot treat the effects of tooth decay.

Before attending your appointment, make sure you have insights about the following:

  • Why you need dental cosmetic surgery
  • What are the risks involved
  • What benefits does the surgery provide
  • Steps you can take before, on, and after the process
  • Your whole treatment plan
  • What happens during the procedure.
  • The costs involved.

It’s easy to get this information, and the best is from your dentist. Before scheduling an appointment, engage your dentist and inquire about anything you wish to know. Our dental team is always ready to help with anything that will improve your smile.

Before cosmetic dental services, we advise making a list of questions and asking them during the consultation appointment. It’s good that you make a direct call to the office as soon as a question pops. It’s better than waiting up to the appointment day.

Questions clear everything out and reduce dental anxieties when you get the correct information. Ask questions about anesthesia,recovery, and what foods you should avoid before the appointment.

Closely Adhere to Pre-surgery Instructions

Instructions the dentist in South Austin provides are crucial, especially if you qualify for sedation dentistry. With the much knowledge and developments in modern dentistry, our team can prevent the effects of sedation and give you a comfortable treatment all through.

You should not eat anything eight hours before the appointment, both food and drinks. If our dental team recommends taking some types of medication, you can do so with little water.

Do not miss any pre-surgery appointments. Depending on the procedure administered, we may need to take x-rays of your mouth to effectively complete the surgery.

Come Prepared for the Procedure

Arrive close to 20 minutes earlier than the scheduled hour. This way, you will have additional time to fill out any paperwork. It also provides a chance to discuss any questions with your surgeon as you relax.

If you are receiving sedation treatment, you can wear a short-sleeved shirt or blouse. This reduces any inconvenience while we attach the IV and when measuring your vital signs.

Plan for the Recovery

Our contact with you does not end at the surgery. We will need to monitor you to see if the cosmetic dentistry procedure worked.During this period is when you start to see the results of the treatment.

At times, patients need to schedule follow-up appointments; for check-ups and follow-up treatments. You will need one,especially if you are receiving a tooth whitening procedure or get a dental implant.

If your dentist used general anesthesia, you might need someone to give you a ride home. You need to rest for the rest of the day.

You should also adhere to the post-treatment foods and drinks and practice self-care and relaxing tips given by your dentist.

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