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How to Maintain Your Teeth, White, after Teeth Whitening?

November 2, 2022

After achieving the bright smile, you desired by getting teeth whitening treatments from the dentist near me; you might want to maintain the color of your teeth and wonder what you can do to succeed. You might not want to display discolored teeth soon after receiving the whitening treatment from a dental professional.

How to Maintain Your Teeth, White, after Teeth Whitening?

Whether you received teeth whitening from a dentist or used other remedies, your teeth constantly discolor due to various reasons. Therefore you are responsible for keeping the brightness of your teeth by following most tips suggested in this article.

Teeth Whitening Treatments

Teeth whitening treatments have become incredibly popular, with everyone desiring whiter and brighter teeth. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize why their teeth discolor and continue hunting for teeth whitening treatments in drugstores, beauty salons, and natural remedies.

Most teeth whitening treatments, except for remedies offered by Austin teeth whitening services, deliver minimal results and, in some cases, also cause more harm than any good. Therefore when searching for teeth whitening remedies, people achieve better results by visiting dentists with proper knowledge about dental anatomy.

How to Maintain White Teeth?

If you realize that your teeth constantly discolor, you must adopt preventive practices that help maintain their whiter shade. Some tips you can use are mentioned below for help.

  • Limit Coffee and Tea: You might think starting your day with a coffee or tea is essential. Have you considered how these beverages impact your teeth? These two staining beverages can discolor your teeth. Instead of relying on your morning coffee, request recommendations from teeth whitening in Austin, TX, who might suggest having warm water or drinking plain milk as alternatives to coffee and tea.
  • Restrict Dark Sauces: Sauces are excellent during meals because they add taste to your bite. However, it would help if you remained cautious with the sauces you prefer because the dark-colored variety is unsuitable for teeth. You must restrict the use of soy sauce, barbecue sauce, and red sauce if you wish to prevent frequent treatments from dentists to brighten your teeth. If you find restricting or avoiding sauces challenging, consider white sauces during meals. In addition, dentists suggest that you stick to light-colored foods that don’t stain your teeth. For example, you can use white rice, pasta, eggs, cauliflowers, white cheese, peeled potatoes, and Whitefish.
  • Limit Dark Chocolate: Everyone loves dark chocolate without realizing it impacts their teeth significantly. Dark chocolate contains caffeine causing teeth stains. If you intend to maintain the whiteness of your teeth, request your dentist’s recommendation on the foods to have and avoid or limit for best results.
  • Acidic Foods Are Better Avoided: Citrus fruit flavors are present in most acidic foods containing orange, lemon, and other varieties. While adding taste to the foods, they also discolor your teeth. Your tooth enamel can also weaken from acidic foods. After receiving teeth whitening treatment from a dentist, maintaining the whiteness of your teeth is your responsibility. Therefore avoiding sour and acidic foods and following your dentist’s instructions become essential.

If you cannot avoid some foods or beverages suggested, we have an alternative for you to maintain the brighter shade of your teeth.

When drinking any liquids, consider using straws to limit contact with the fluids with your teeth. Rinse your mouth soon after having the beverages to ensure no residue remains in your mouth to stain your teeth.

Using a straw for eating is impractical, and staining foods will come in contact with your teeth. If you cannot limit or avoid staining foods, ensure that you brush your teeth soon after eating, even if it seems challenging.

Do not overlook maintaining excellent dental hygiene by practicing brushing twice daily, flossing once, having a healthy diet, and getting cleanings and exams at half-yearly intervals from your dentist without exceptions. Your teeth also discolor from habits like smoking or having alcohol. Therefore you help yourself and your overall health by quitting smoking and using clear alcohol to prevent staining your teeth. Having alcohol with straws will not alter their taste. Therefore continue the habit of using straws for drinking liquids, even alcohol.

If staining of your teeth concerns you, request the dentist for at-home teeth whitening remedies which they provide by taking impressions of your mouth and creating customized trays for you to maintain your teeth brightness. You also receive whitening gel from the dental professional, providing better results than over-the-counter remedies.

Peak dental – North Austin provides safe and effective teeth whitening therapies with advice on how to maintain the newly achieved brightness of your teeth longer. If you want to preserve the brightness of your teeth after receiving teeth whitening treatments, this practice can provide practical solutions to succeed in your goal. Therefore kindly consider meeting them for recommendations on maintaining the whiteness of your teeth.

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