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How Dental Crowns Can Save Your Damaged Teeth

December 21, 2023

Are you dealing with damaged or weakened teeth that challenge everyday activities like eating, speaking, and smiling? If so, dental crowns may be the solution you've been looking for. In this blog, we'll explore how dental crowns can save damaged teeth, offering functional and aesthetic benefits. We'll also touch on the option of porcelain dental crowns, another popular cosmetic dental crown in South Austin, TX.

How Dental Crowns Can Save Your Damaged Teeth

Understanding Dental Crowns

A dental crown is a custom-made cap laid over a damaged tooth. It covers the whole visible portion of the tooth, providing strength, protection, and a natural appearance. Dental crowns can contain various materials, including porcelain, which is highly favored for its durability and aesthetic qualities.

When Are Dental Crowns Necessary?

Several dental issues can necessitate the placement of a dental crown. Common situations where dental crowns may be recommended include:

  • Tooth Decay:

When a tooth is affected by sizable decay that cannot be adequately restored with a filling, a dental crown can safeguard the remaining tooth structure.

  • Tooth Fractures:

Teeth that have suffered significant fractures or injuries can benefit from dental crowns, as they provide structural support and prevent further damage.

  • Root Canal Treatment:

After a root canal procedure, the affected tooth often becomes weaker. Placing a dental crown can strengthen and protect the tooth, reducing the fracture risk.

  • Cosmetic Enhancement:

Dental crowns are also used for cosmetic purposes, such as covering discolored or misshapen teeth and improving the overall appearance of your smile.

Finding Tooth Crowns Near Me

When you need dental crowns, searching for tooth crowns near me becomes essential; whether you require a crown to address a damaged tooth or for cosmetic purposes, finding a dental provider nearby is convenient and practical.

Begin your search by asking for suggestions from friends, family, or colleagues with similar procedures. Their firsthand experiences can provide valuable insights. You can also utilize online resources like search engines or dental directories.

Furthermore, consider checking online reviews and ratings to gauge the quality of care and patient experiences. Look for a dental provider that offers proximity, excellent service, and expertise.

The Advantages of Porcelain Dental Crowns

Porcelain dental crowns are a popular choice for many patients due to their natural appearance and durability. Here’s why they are highly recommended:

Aesthetic Appeal:

Porcelain dental crowns closely resemble natural teeth. They can be color-matched to your organic teeth, ensuring a seamless and beautiful smile.


Porcelain is a strong and long-lasting material. Porcelain dental crowns can withstand the pressures of daily chewing and biting for many years.


Porcelain is biocompatible, meaning it is well-tolerated by the body, reducing the risk of allergic reactions or gum irritation.

The Dental Crown Placement Process

The process of receiving a dental crown normally includes two main steps:

  • Tooth Preparation:

During the initial visit, your dentist will prepare the damaged tooth by taking out any decay or damaged portions. Then, they will shape the tooth to ensure a secure fit for the crown.

  • Crown Placement:

An impression of the prepared tooth is taken, and this mold is sent to a dental laboratory where your custom porcelain dental crown is created. In the meantime, a temporary crown is laid on the tooth for protection. Once the permanent crown is ready, you’ll return to your dentist for the final placement. The crown is bonded to the tooth employing dental cement, ensuring a secure and functional fit.

Benefits of Dental Crowns in South Austin, TX

Restored Functionality:

Dental crowns enable you to eat, speak, and smile with confidence. They restore the natural strength and functionality of your teeth.

Pain Relief:

Dental crowns can alleviate pain and sensitivity for teeth with extensive damage, enhancing your overall comfort.

Long-Term Solution:

With excellent care and maintenance, dental crowns can endure for many years, making them a worthwhile investment in oral health.

Cosmetic Enhancement:

Porcelain dental crowns in South Austin can transform the appearance of your teeth, helping you attain a more attractive and confident smile.

Maintaining Your Dental Crowns

It’s essential to follow proper oral hygiene practices, including regular brushing, flossing, and dental check-ups, to extend the lifespan of your dental crowns. Avoiding habits like teeth grinding or chewing on hard objects will also help protect your crowns from damage.

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If you’re in South Austin, TX, and need dental crowns, consider scheduling an appointment at Peak Dental – South Austin. Our experienced dental team provides top-quality care and personalized solutions for your damaged teeth. Experience the benefits of porcelain dental crowns and enjoy a healthier, more beautiful smile. Don’t let damaged teeth hold you back; book your appointment today!

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