How and Why Dental Bridges Are a Great Option for Tooth Replacement


Missing teeth cancause problems, like difficulty chewing food, increased risk of dental decay,pain in the jaw muscles, and bone loss. That is why it is vital to have yourteeth replaced. Several teeth replacement options are available that you canchoose from like, dental bridges in South Austin, TX.

What is a DentalBridge?

A dental bridge is afalse tooth cemented onto the two adjacent teeth next to the gap. 

It can be made ofgold, porcelain, or metal and is secured in place with adhesive cement.

These false teeth comein three types of dental bridges: traditional, cantilever, Maryland. 

 Traditional bridgesare anchored in place with two dental crowns. You need to have healthy teethand gums or these bridges to be used. Once installed, these bridges cannot beremoved without causing damage to natural teeth. 

Cantilever dentalbridges are dental appliances used to replace missing teeth in the upper orlower jaw. Unlike the traditional bridges, these are anchored in place with onetooth. Because of their structure, these bridges are fixed on the front teeth.

Maryland dentalbridges are made up of porcelain or metal secured onto teeth on either side ofthe gap with crowns. The bridge is connected by a framework of metal whichserves as an anchor for the bridge.

What are the Benefitsof Dental Bridge?

Getting dental bridgesnear you offers great benefits like stability for surrounding teeth and helpsto prevent jawbone resorption. Other benefits include decreased sensitivity andimproved chewing ability.

Unlike dentures,bridges are fixed and offer a natural look. Furthermore, they do not need arepair or reline to adjust their fit. 

What are the Drawbacksof Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges are themost common and cost-effective way to replace a missing tooth. However, theycan cause some problems.

  • The dental bridges can damage your adjacent teeth. This     is because the dentist will trim the teeth to create room for the bridges,     and the process is irreversible.
  • The area around the dental bridge may also be more     susceptible to gum disease than an area with natural teeth due to reduced     saliva flow and increased plaque build-up.
  • Bridges do not stop bone loss as effectively as the     implants do. This is because they are placed on the gums to bridge the gaps     and do not replace the roots.

How Are the DentalBridges Fixed? 

A dentist near youwill determine which type of dental bridge is the best for the patient. Thedentist will first reshape your teeth and then take an impression of yourarches to create a mold with dental putty. This mold is then sent to a dentallaboratory to make a customized dental bridge that fits the teeth. 

The dentist will coverthe reshaped teeth with temporary restorations to protect against sensitivity. 

The new teeth arecemented in place (within three to fours weeks) using special dental cement oradhesive. The process of getting the bridges will last for about two dentalvisits.

Steps to Take Care ofYour Dental Bridges Properly & Avoiding Common Issue

A common problem withdental bridges is that they loosen over time due to wear and tear from bitingdown on food or from brushing one's mouth with too much force. This can causechewing difficulties and increase the risk for jaw problems. You May also developdecay at the point where the bridges meet the teeth. 

To avoid these issues,you should always take care of your dental bridge properly. Brush and Flossyour teeth at least once a day, and make sure you visit a South Austin dentistevery six months for regular checkups. Also, replace an old bridge if it hasbeen in use for over 10 years.

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