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Everything You Need To Know About Endodontic Treatment

December 7, 2021
The pulp contains the tooth’s nerves, lymph, and blood vessels and is housed by a hollow part of the tooth known as the root canal. These parts of the tooth are all critical in helping the teeth carry out their functions. Therefore, the teeth should be well taken care of to ensure that these parts of the teeth are safe. However, these parts of the teeth, as concealed as they are, can be infected. Dental plaques are slimy films of bacteria that form when there is a mixture of saliva, food particles, and bacteria in the mouth, and they stick to the surface of the teeth. When there is no regular brushing, flossing, and other oral hygiene practices, these dental plaques survive and produce acids by feeding sugary/starchy food particles.
Everything You Need To Know About Endodontic Treatment

The acids produced by dental plaques eat into the teeth and break down the tooth’s enamel, causing tooth decay. The enamel serves as a protective cover for the dentin; however, when eaten up by the acids produced by dental plaques, hot, cold, acidic, or sticky foods are allowed to stimulate the nerves and cells inside the tooth, causing tooth sensitivity.  Tooth decay can worsen and cause an infection at the tooth’s center (the root canal that houses the tooth pulp). That is known as a root canal infection and can cause series of problems for one’s dental health ranging from severe pain to other health problems. However, you can protect yourself from the issues that come with a root canal infection by opting for endodontics in Austin, TX.

What Is Endodontics?

Endodontics is the branch of dentistry that is concerned with diagnosing and treating diseases and injuries of the soft tissues (tooth pulp) inside the teeth. Endodontic therapy is commonly referred to as a root canal. However, a root canal is a hollow part of the tooth that houses the tooth pulp. Because it is worked on during endodontic therapy, the procedure is commonly called a root canal.  Visiting a dentist near you for endodontic treatment might include removal of the pulpal tissues, shaping and filing of the root canals, filling and sealing of the root canal space, and permanent restoration of the tooth.

Why Do You Need Endodontic Treatment?

The primary reason for endodontic treatment is the inflammation and infection of the tooth nerve and pulp. The pulp of a tooth is responsible for the life of a tooth. Therefore, infection of the pulp can lead to the unnatural death of a tooth. Infection of the tooth pulp can arise from deep decay or leaking fillings. When the acids from a dental plaque eat deep into the teeth, they can infect the pulp. Also, if you have had a dental filling and there is a space between the filling and the filled tooth, it can become a hiding place for dental plaques and bacteria. These bacteria and plaques can lead to the infection of the tooth pulp.

The symptoms of a root canal infection include:

  • Severe pain and discomfort.
  • Chipped/cracked tooth.
  • Teeth sensitivity.
  • Swelling of the gums.
  • Severe toothache.
  • Loose teeth.

If you experience any of these symptoms, you should see a dentist in South Austin for diagnosis and immediate commencement of treatment.

An endodontic treatment procedure involves cleaning the root canal and removing all dead tissues and pulp, filling the tooth with a rubber-like material in place of the pulp and sealing it, then adding a dental crown or filling.

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