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Cavities and Fillings Although Unrelated Complement Each Other Excellently

October 1, 2021

Cavities and fillings don't have anything in common with each other. However, if you develop cavities on your teeth, you inevitably need cavity treatment in South Austin before the bacteria create further damages to your teeth. Perhaps the only common characteristic between cavities and fillings is the reality that one needs the other or one prevents the other from creating extensive damages and protects your teeth against tooth loss requiring replacements with artificial teeth.

Cavities and Fillings Although Unrelated Complement Each Other Excellently

What Are Cavities?

Cavities are holes created by bacteria in your teeth because you didn’t follow your dentist’s instructions to maintain appropriate dental hygiene and neglected six-monthly dental visits for cleanings and exams. As a result, your mouth continuously creates dental plaque. The best method to prevent the bacteria from infecting your teeth is to follow a dental hygiene regimen optimal to avoid holes in your teeth.

The bacteria after infecting your tooth do not stop but continue working harder to ensure they gain control of your entire tooth, jawbone and even spread into your bloodstream to cause various health conditions. When you discover you have cavities on your teeth after an examination by the dentist near me, you find an overbearing need for dental fillings to help prevent the progress of the bacteria silently into your entire body.

What Are Fillings?

Fillings are a treatment modality discovered as an efficient method against cavities over a century ago. Those were times when silver amalgam fillings were predominantly used to treat holes on teeth. However, times have changed, and presently you can have fillings made from gold, composite resin, porcelain, and glass ionomer.

Silver amalgam fillings are still provided by dental fillings near you for closing holes on your molars where biting pressures are higher. You can also have composite resin fillings on your molars if you prepare yourself to pay higher prices and endure replacements every five to seven years. On the other hand, silver amalgam fillings are affordable, costing fewer dollars than composite resin but remaining with you for over a decade with proper dental hygiene. Therefore you must discuss which type of dental filling best suits your needs with the dentist treating you.

As can be seen, cavities and fillings are poles apart because one is an infection, and the other is a treatment modality against the bacteria.

What Can You Expect When Treating Cavities with Fillings?

When treating cavities with fillings from the dentist in 78748, expect to significantly display all your dental fears if you are affected by dental anxiety. First of all, expect the dentist to show all the tools in their possession to drill your tooth, remove decayed material and bacteria, disinfect the tooth and finally fill it with the filling material you have chosen. Please wait a minute because we didn’t inform you about getting injected with local anesthesia around the affected tooth and gum area?

Before visiting the dentist, prepare yourself to endure all the above because it is the optimal method to eradicate the infection in your tooth and preserve it instead of losing it.

The dentist providing cavity treatment in Austin is a considerate professional who understands all your fears and ensures you feel nothing when getting the holes treated. In addition, the professional takes care to ensure you don’t even feel the local anesthesia is injected in your mouth by applying some topical anesthetic to your gums before pushing the needle in your gums.

After you are entirely numb, the dentist starts drilling your tooth with instruments to eradicate the decay and preparing the hollow space for the filling by disinfecting the tooth to eliminate any bacteria or debris. The dental filling procedure depends on which tooth is affected and the material you have chosen to close the hole.

If the cavity existed on your front tooth, you would likely receive tooth-colored composite resin fillings to maintain the aesthetic appearance of your smile. Tooth-colored fillings are not as durable as silver amalgam besides being more expensive. However, they are aesthetically pleasing and resemble your natural teeth. Therefore dentists recommend you have them on your teeth unless you prefer to express yourself differently by having metal fillings on your front teeth.

After you go through the cavities and fillings procedure, you must ensure you care for your teeth appropriately as instructed by your dentist to prevent the bacteria in your mouth from creating more damages again. Rest assured, the bacteria don’t like the fillings and will do everything in their power to get under its skin and do more damage so long as you are prepared to allow them to do so. Therefore maintain excellent dental hygiene by brushing and flossing without exceptions and visiting your dentist for regular exams and cleanings to ensure you never need to be in the middle of the battle between cavities and fillings.

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