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Can Dental Implants Really Be Done in One Day?

March 8, 2022
Modern dentistry has advanced radically, and a lost tooth can be replaced effectively. The teeth help to chew food, talk distinctly, and improve aesthetic value. A bright smile can do wonders to boost your confidence and open new avenues in personal and professional spheres.
Can Dental Implants Really Be Done in One Day?

Entire Dental Implant Process

A lost tooth can be replaced through dental bridges, dentures, or crowns. But such dental prostheses affect the adjacent tooth and cannot be used in the long run. Dental implants can be the best way to replace a lost tooth without affecting the surrounding teeth. The modern dental implants that find application in restorative dentistry were invented by Swedish dentist Per-Ingvar Branemark in 1952.

Dental implants are surgically placed in the jawbones that support dental prostheses. The metal anchor, mostly made from titanium, are called posts that serve as orthodontic anchors to support the artificial dentures, crowns, or bridges. Dental implants are considered the standard prosthetic replacements for a lost tooth.

About 3 million people in America have dental implants, and another 500 000 people get dental implants every year. The traditional dentures or bridges have taken a back seat, and a dentist near you can administer dental implants.

Dental implant treatment is an invasive procedure, and dental implants can be the best option for you if you:

  • Have lost one or more teeth
  • A fully developed jawbone
  • Have adequate jawbones to support the dental implant
  • Does not suffer from periodontal disease
  • Want improved speech
  • Do not smoke or chew tobacco

Before the dentist places the titanium post surgically on the jawbones, a comprehensive oral examination is necessary to assess the oral cavity. The planning for undergoing dental implant treatment is essential for a speedy recovery. The dentist can have dental x-rays done, and 3D images are taken to understand and assess the state of the oral cavity and the extent of the damage. You should have a fully developed jaw to house the implants.

Past medical history is also considered before dental implants as past exposure to various medicine might cause allergic reactions to the implant. The dentist office near you can provide a tailor-made plan to fit your demand for teeth replacement.

Once the initial evaluation is done, the dentist would extract the remaining part of the tooth that lays beneath the gumline. Generally, a dental implant is performed under local anesthesia to ensure you do not experience the pain. Slight pain and bleeding is common phenomenon after tooth extraction.

The next step involves surgically inserting the implant on the jawbones beneath the gumline. If the jaws are inadequate to support the implant, bone grafting is done by adding bones from another part of the jaw. The implant fuses with the jaw in due time, and new jawbones develop around the implant.

The dentist places an abutment on the implant once it is strong enough. The abutment serves as a connector between the dental root and artificial teeth. The dental implant procedure ends with placing the crown on the metal posts. Depending on the state of your oral cavity, the dentist might suggest a temporary or permanent crown.

The success rate of dental implant procedures is about 95 percent, but you need to follow a few precautionary measures after the treatment. Bruises and swelling around the impacted area are common. It is better to consume soft food for a few days after dental implants. Tobacco, hot or cold beverages, and crunchy food should be avoided.

What is the Actual Timeline of Dental Implant?

Although the dental implant procedure has multiple steps, the timeline can be shortened considerably, and you can get a same-day dental implant. Depending on the number of lost teeth, the implant procedure might span 30 minutes to 3 hours.

Dental implant treatment is an outpatient procedure, and Peak Dental – North Austin provides dental implants in North Austin, TX. You can get same-day-implant here along with pediatric dentistry, veneers, dental examination, deep cleaning, and dental fillings. Our team of experienced dentists would make you feel at home and guide you with dental care. We accept all major PPO insurance plans, and you can get to touch by booking an appointment.

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